17/07/2017 – 13/08/2017


Greenland is an island with limited natural resources and a harsh climate. The local artisanal techniques take the surrounding geographical constraints into account and the Inuit culture is deeply connected to its land. The craftsmen find their inspiration in nature and work with materials such as stone, wood, soil, wool, skin, and bones of hunted animals.

Altered during the last century by the various exchanges with the Western regions, Inuit traditions are being transformed with globalisation. If they were essential for survival, fishing and hunting practices are less and less used. This gradual disappearance endangers the related craft techniques, such as animal skin transformation or traditional kayak making. In the meantime, new techniques are being introduced and absorbed, such as embroidery, beadwork, or ceramic.

With its third residency “Nuuk 2017”, Hors Pistes aims to initiate encounters with Greenlandic culture, replace human exchanges at the heart of the creative processes, and propose new applications to traditional craft techniques.

While the experimentations, prototypes and objects – all resulting from the researches conducted during the residency – embody the spirit of each encounters, the editorial team shares stories that emerged from the rich creative contexts in which the participants evolved.

The exhibition unveiling the results of the third residency at Lokalmuseum started on Sunday 13th August, and are to be seen soon on our website!

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Économusée Kittat – Greenlandic traditional costume workshop: Sara Marie Lyberth — manager,  Johanne Markussen — skin maker, Hanseenaaraq Petersen “Nukannguaq“ — skin seamstress;
Karl Gabrielson — carver;
Kim Kleist Eriksen — artist, sculptor, musician;
Peter Kristiansen “Kuyooq“— artist, sculptor, painter;
Allan Larsen — boatmaker;
Lisbeth Karline Poulsen — artist;
Qalut Vónin: Thomas Lauge Berthelsen Boassen — knotmaker, Qalulerisos Frederik Brummerstedt, Claudi Jensen and Siunîssok Rask — netmakers;
Lena Augusta Olsen — ceramicist; 
Kajak making workshop;
Kristine Spore Kreutzmann — ceramicist, artist.

Simón Ballen Botero (CO),
Pauline Clocher (FR),
Amandine Davis (FR),
Coralie Gourguechon (FR),
Jenna Kaës (FR), 
LeviSarha (BE/CH),
and Ragna Ragnarsdottir (IS).

Clelia Coussonnet (FR)—curator, art editor, and writer,
Clément Faydit (FR)—graphic designer,
and Alexandros Simopoulos (GR)—artist and illustrator.

©Émile Barret / Hors Pistes