Summer 2020


During a month in Singapore, artisans and designers will conceive projects together while an editorial team will document the collaborations.

Singapore is a contrasted territory, built by the various populations that crossed it or inhabit it today. The diversity of Singaporean culture appears when observing the various ethnic groups, languages or religions composing it.
By inviting a selection of international and Singapore based designers to work on-site with local craftsmen and manufacturers, Hors Pistes aims to discover the cultural diversity of the island and to contribute to the construction of international dialogues and networks.
As an island, the limitation of land and local resources reduce the possibility of production of objects within Singapore. Craft related activities significantly decline within the past century, while remaining embedded in the traditional culture. Today Singapore daily life relies mostly on imported goods. In the same time a new generation of practitioners values craft traditions. Largely connected with the world, the island developed an innovation driven economy oriented towards the production and exportation of electronics items and digital technologies.
Hors Pistes sees in the co-existence of such various knowledges within the Singaporean identity an opportunity for creative exploration and learning. The residency program will set encounters between designers, handcrafts, and digital crafts practitioners to initiate and guide transdisciplinary dialogues, collaborations, and projects.

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